Tuesday, November 22, 2011

40 days fasting

Dr.Jefferson Tasleem ghauri is in 40 days fast and you can send him your prayer requests he will pray for you and your will get blessings from God…..Areeb Prayer Ministries………..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pictures Christian Alliance Ministries

Pictures of 11-11-11 Reach to Vision

11-11-11 A blessed day for Dr.Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri and Christian of Sargodha city Christian Alliance Ministries organised a Big Christian meeting Rev.Razaq Inayat preach in the meeting here was 47 pastors and catholic preist Fr.Mukhtar Alam this program shows a bascet of denominations.!157 and!/media/set/?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pray for our convention 11 Nov 2011

Pray for our convention 11 Nov 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dr.Jefferson Ghauri in Church of Pakistan Sargodha

Dr.Jefferson Ghauri in Church of Pakistan Sargodha Pastor Pervize Iqbal pastor incharge of St Filene Church of Pakistan invited chairman Christian Alliance Ministries Dr.Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri in Church of Pakistan relay in the Sargodha. Here is picture of the program you can check our blogs  and  and 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pray for Pastor Victor Kherait

Please pray for the Ordination program Pastor Victor Kherait will preach on 06 November 2011 in Ghanni Park , Sargodha Please pray for this program. , ,

Open Theological Seminary Relay in Sargodha

Open Theological Seminary Relay in Sargodha
Dear friends tomorrow is a program of Open Theological Seminary Relay in Sargodha.St felian church of Pakistan Sargodha please pray for this program , ,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Convention Sargodha October 2011

Convention Sargodha October 2011
Here was a big crowd and all pastors of my city Sargodha was present here in this program I invited Rev.Joseph C Lal as a guest speaker from Lahore city and Pastor Robin Abid as a worship leader from Faisalabad. Pastors was very happy and especially our guest speaker admit this code that this is good that all deferent denominations pastors are together in one meeting and the all are member of Christian Alliance Ministries. I am happy and we gave the chance to other pastors on the stage for prayers and other segments. We distribute Bibles in this program. I am thankful to God He always love me and He helps me and we do all this in Sargodha city. This all is result of your prayers. Please open the attachment and check the pictures or click on this link of picture album. I am thankful for your prayers for this program. Our next program is next month 11 November ,Friday and Rev.Razaq Inayat national coordinator CLM (Church Led Movement) Campus Crusade for Christ is invited as a guest speaker please pray for our next program I have no money for coming program but I believe God will do because this is God’s work and He will provide everything. Hallelujah God Bless You and and
                                                                              Convention October 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pray for Reach to Vision October Program ( Christian Alliance Ministries )

I am thankful to Lord till today all arrangement of programs are Ok thanks the God. Tomorrow our all guests speakers are coming at afternoon one speaker Rev.Joseph C Lal from Lahore and Worshiper Pastor Roban Abid from Faisalabad. Program will start at evening 6:00 pm and will finish at 10:00 pm. I am happy approximately 70 pastors and there congregation are expected tomorrow. I request to you please pray for the whole program God Bless this program and peoples receive blessing through this program. We will contact you when I will be free. I will send you program pictures on Wednesday 26 October.
God Bless You and and

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Northwestern Theological Seminary Graduation 2011 Islamabad Pakistan

Northwestern Theological Seminary organize a graduation in Assemblies of God church in Islamabad here are graduate students and there parents please visit  or